Sven Mutke

Mediterranean pine nuts from forests and orchards

Basic info

Name: Sven Mutke

About me: Mediterranean pine nuts from forests and orchards

Puesto / Affilation

Jefe de Servicio de Industrias Forestales / Head of Service for Forest Industries

Centro de Investigación Forestal / Forest Research Centre (INIA-CIFOR)

Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Tecnología Agraria y Alimentaria /

National Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Technology

Joint Affiliation

Investigador / Researcher

Sustainable Forest Management Reseach Institute (University Valladolid-INIA)

Scientific Societies or Committees

FAO/CIHEAM Inter-regional Research Network on Nuts (liaison officer for stone pine since 2009)

IUFRO Unit 1.08.00 - Silviculture for production of edible fruits (Division 1 - Silviculture) (coordinator since 2016)

COST Action FP1203 European non-wood forest products (NWFPs) network (MC substitute member 2012-2016) /

Sociedad Española de Ciencias Forestales / Spanish Society for Forest Sciences (secretary 2007-09; board member 2009-2013)

Sub-committees SC2 Criteria and indicators and SC5 Chain of custody in forest products of the Technical Standardisation Committee AEN/CTN 162 Sustainable forest management (expert since 2011) 162

Líneas de investigación / Expertise

Pino piñonero (Pinus pinea) / Piñón mediterráneo / Productos forestales no madereros/ Gestión y uso gestión sostenible de sistemas y recursos forestales

Mediterranean stone pine / Pine nuts / Non Wood Forest Products / Forest management and sustainable use of forest systems and resources

Publicaciones recientes / Recent papers

15 papers in SCI, h-Index 10 (ISI Web of Knowledge © Thoms.Reuters / Scopus © Elsevier)

ResearcherID B-5366-2011, Scopus Author ID 6506449495, Researchgate Sven_Mutke)

CALAMA R., GORDO J., MADRIGAL G., MUTKE S., CONDE M., MONTERO G., PARDOS M. 2016. Enhanced tools for predicting annual stone pine (Pinus pinea L.) cone production at tree and forest scale in Inner Spain. Forest Systems 25(3), e079.

RODRÍGUEZ-GARCÍA A., MARTÍN J.A., LÓPEZ R., MUTKE S., PINILLOS F., GIL L. 2015. Influence of climate variables on resin yield and secretory structures in tapped Pinus pinaster Ait. in central Spain. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 202, 83-93.

PIQUÉ M., AMMARI Y., SOLANO D., ALETÀ N., BONO D., SGHAIER T., GARCHI S., COELLO J., COLL L. , MUTKE S. 2013. Production and management of stone pine (Pinus pinea) for early nut production: grafted plantations as an alternative for restoring degraded areas and generating income in rural communities of Tunisia. Options Mediterranèennes A 105, 43-47.

MUTKE S., GORDO J., KHOUJA M.L., FADY B. 2013. Low genetic and high environmental diversity at adaptive traits in Pinus pinea from provenance tests in France and Spain. Options Mediterranèennes A 105, 73-79.

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CALAMA R., MUTKE S., TOME J., GORDO J., MONTERO G., TOME M. (2011). Modelling spatial and temporal variability in a zero-inflated variable: the case of stone pine (Pinus pinea L.) cone production. Ecol. Modelling 222(3): 606-618.


Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Tecnología Agraria y Alimentaria INIA