Ernesto Igartua

Investigador Científico CSIC

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Name: Ernesto Igartua

About me: Investigador Científico CSIC

Publicaciones recientes
  • Igartua E, E Mansour, CP Cantalapiedra, B Contreras-Moreira, MP Gracia, P López-Fuster, J Escribano, JL Molina-Cano, M Moralejo, FJ Ciudad, ETB Thomas, I Karsai, AM Casas. Selection footprints in barley breeding lines detected by combining genotyping-by-sequencing with reference genome information. Molecular Breeding, in press
  • Cantalapiedra CP, R Boudiar, AM Casas, E Igartua, B Contreras-Moreira. BARLEYMAP: physical and genetic mapping of nucleotide sequences and annotation of surrounding loci in barley. Molecular Breeding, in press
  • Mansour E, AM Casas, MP Gracia, JL Molina-Cano, M Moralejo, L Cattivelli, WTB Thomas,  E Igartua. 2014. Quantitative trait loci for agronomic traits in an elite barley population for Mediterranean conditions. Molecular Breeding 33:249-265
  • Yahiaoui S, A Cuesta-Marcos, MP Gracia, B Medina, JM Lasa, AM Casas, FJ Ciudad, JL Montoya, M Moralejo, JL Molina-Cano, E Igartua. 2014. Spanish barley landraces outperform modern cultivars at low-productivity sites. Plant Breeding, 133:218-226.
  • Loscos, J., E Igartua, B Contreras-Moreira, MP Gracia, AM Casas. 2014. HvFT1 polymorphism and effect—survey of barley germplasm and expression analysis. Frontiers in Plant Science. Plant Genetics and Genomics, 5, 251.
  • Hofmann K, C Silvar, AM Casas, M Herz, B Büttner, MP Gracia, B Contreras-Moreira, H Wallwork, E Igartua, G Schweizer. 2013. Fine mapping of the Rrs1 resistance locus against scald in two large populations derived from Spanish barley landraces. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 126:3091-3102
  • Igartua E, Moralejo M, Casas, AM, Torres L, Molina-Cano JL. 2013. Whole-genome analysis with SNPs from BOPA1 shows clearly defined groupings of Western Mediterranean, Ethiopian, and Fertile Crescent barleys. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 60:251-264
  • Karsai I, E Igartua, AM Casas, T Kiss, V Soós, K Balla, Z BedÅ‘, O Veisz. 2013. Developmental patterns of a large set of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) cultivars in response to ambient temperature. Annals of Applied Biology 162:309-323.
  • Silvar C, D Kopahnke, K Flath, A Serfling, D Perovic, AM Casas, E Igartua, F Ordon. 2013. Resistance to powdery mildew in one Spanish barley landrace hardly resembles other previously identified wild barley resistances. European Journal of Plant Pathology 136:459-468
  • Silvar C, D Perovic, T Nussbaumer, M Spannagl, B Usadel, AM Casas, E Igartua, F Ordon. 2013. Towards positional isolation of three quantitative trait loci conferring resistance to powdery mildew in two Spanish barley landraces.PLoS ONE 8:e67336
  • Font i Forcada C, N Oraguzie, E Igartua, MA Moreno, Y Gogorcena. 2013. Population structure and marker-trait associations for pomological traits in peach and nectarine cultivars. Tree Genetics & Genomes 9:331-349
  • Codesido V, R Vacas, B Macarulla, MP Gracia, E Igartua. 2013. Agronomic and digital phenotyping evaluation of sweet sorghum public varieties and F1 hybrids with potential for ethanol production in Spain.Maydica 58:42-53


EEAD-CSIC, Zaragoza, Spain